Griante: Villa Petra and Villa Norella

Villa Petra was built by the family Guaita in the twenties of the twentieth century.

The Guaita furnished it with a very refined taste, and there gathered the artworks of inestimable value: Ming porcelain, paintings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Piazzetta, Brustolon carvings.

When Mr Guaita died, Raffaele Calzini oversaw the presentation of the auction catalog.

The villa was bought by the family Sterzi who completed the access to the park with the imposing wrought iron gate.

In the nineties, the villa was purchased by Mr Lieven who established there the headquarters of the Piano International Foundation “Theo Lieven”. Every year seven pianists from around the world have the opportunity to study with famous artists of international renown.

Villa Norella was built in the late nineteenth century in a dominant position on the lake. Its garden descends flounced toward the Statale Regina.

Its first owner was Mr Murchison, educated man of great artistic ability.

Mr Murchison has left on the facade of the Anglican church, located at the foot of the garden of Villa Norella, two mosaics of excellent workmanship made by him as a pastime.

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