Griante Villa La Collina-Villa Rosa

Griante Villa La Collina-Villa Rosa are the two houses loved from Adenauer.

Villa La Collina was built on the ruins of an ancient medieval tower.

The sweeping terraced park is full of beautiful flowers and esteemed plants.

It was built in 1899 by the will of the Family Suardi, already owner of the Hotel Cavour in Milan.

Afterwards, it was bought by the french Counts Gallifer, whom rented to Konrad Adenauer, the chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

He considered Cadenabbia his second home.

In 1977, ten years after his death, the Villa La Collina was bought by the Adenauer Foundation.

Today is a renowned hotel that hosts congress and gives hospitality to important people in the world of the diplomacy, the economy, culture and religion.

Villa Rosa was built in 1904 by the german Family Heck.

It is located on a large plateau and is characterized by a romantic and shady path that leading down to the lakeshore.

Villa Rosa was the first to gives hospitality to Konrad Adenauer, who stayed there in 1956.

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