Our persimmon tree

In summer, in the garden of our holiday apartments, while in the morning we do the daily cleaning around the pool, we often find some persimmon fruits not ripe, snapped. We smile and we realize that not all guests, especially people from northern countries,know this fruit.

The plant persimmon is native to the eastern countries, but is imported in the southern Europe at the end of 700.

The persimmon tree in our garden has more than 70 years and, for us, is a part of the family.

When we were little, our grandparents built a swing for us on that plant persimmon!

After surviving the restoration works of the Residence Celeste, now during the hot days in the summer, gives pleasant shade, sought after by children and adults, even for a “pennichella”!

During the winter, when it loses all Leaves and it is alone with his fruits orange,looks like a natural Christmas tree.

An old saying tell us that persimmon fruits, to be good, they must take the first cold. After that you can taste in all their sweetness.

The persimmons are rich in sugar and vitamins and are considered to be very energetic, ideal in the diet of children and sports, also you can prepare delicious recipes, such as jam or ice cream.

We do not recommend therefore the first bite, if not ripe yet, as they have a high tannin content and are not pleasing to the palate.
We wait in low season in our holidays apartments here on Lake Como to enjoy these delights and the colors of autumn and winter!

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