Moto Guzzi Lake Como

Our Lake Como is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world for the landscape and for the amazing villas with lush botanical gardens. Lake Como saw the birth of one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers in the world.
The Moto Guzzi born on the Lecco branch of Lake Como, precisely in Mandello del Larioin 1921, with his eagle is a symbol of Italian history, and why not, even in our Lake.

Closing your eyes you can imagine,like in a film in black and white,when our grandfathers carried around the grandmothers with the “Guzzino” or the “Galletto”, after the war.

Many models have passed from the workshops Moto Guzzi: Guzzi 350 world champion in 1955, Guzzi V7 which established the speed record at Monza in 1969, up to the Griso and Stelvio today.

Why do not you leave for a bike holiday, with a Guzzi, as do our friends Angela and Fabio who, on board of their Stelvio 1200, have come to visit Santa Claus, and around Italy and Europe. Moto Guzzi lovers we will expect in our apartments here on Lake Como, with your motorcycle, to discover the museum (20 km drive + 15 minutes by ferry from us) of Italian Eagle, history known throughout the world, or simply to find out where we are!

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