Lake Como silk

The silk arrived in the Como area around 1400.
Immediately had great development thanks to Duke Ludovico Sforza, who forced the farmers to plant in their fields the mulberry trees.

From the name Ludovico il Moro, derives the name in Como’s dialect, “Muron,” the mulberry plant. In Latin is “bombix mori”.

The mulberry leaves are the only food of silkworm.

After its growth the silkworm begins to produce a very thin wire with which it surrounds, creating a cocoon.
From this you get a single long wire, which joined to other give it the correct resistance.
From here starts the fabric processing.

Depending on the working, you will get the precious: silk satin, silk shantung, silk taffeta, silk voile, crepe silk, silk muslin …

Or, silk combined with other yarns such as wool, cotton, viscose is used for the manufacture of the wedding dresses, ceremony dresses, the evening dresses, accessories for furniture ..
The city of Como is famous worldwide for creating unique designs for silk cloths.

The biggest names in the world fashion come to Como to choose the exclusive fabrics for their collections.

Silk scarves, silk ties, silk clothes and other silk accessories are a valuable souvenir for tourists who choose Lake Como as holidays destination.

Lake Como silk is an unforgettable souvenir of your Holiday.

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