General Cadorna and his line

In 1916 the General Cadorna Luigi, Chief of Staff of the Italian army, promotes the construction of “Occupazione Avanzata Frontiera Nord” (Advanced Occupancy North Border).

The “Linea Cadorna” is a line of defense built not far from the Swiss border created by the fear of a German invasion.

Cadorna resume an old project of 1882 to set up a line defence with military fortifications, from the valleys of Ossola steps to Atalanta, which included roads, trenches, mule, observers, artillery positions.

Today the Cadorna Line is a path that winds on our mountaintops.
From Como, more precisely from Monte Bisbino Cernobbio, up to Colico through the Sasso Gordona, Mount of Orimento, the Sighignola, Monte Galbiga, Monte Crocione, the Crocetta above Menaggio, the Legnone and Legnoncino, up to the Forte di Montecchio near Colico.

On this track you can see the artifacts of this impressive work: fortifications in caves, underground walkways, protected positions, the trenches …

In Monte Bisbino above Cernobbio you can visit the historical war museum which houses documents, photographs and antiques.

Forte di Montecchio, located near the nature reserve Pian di Spagna, was also used as a museum and is therefore open.

The recovery of the military fortifications of the Cadorna Line lets you enhance and make visible the traces of our history, but above all not to forget the sacrifices and the work of many people.

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