Griante: the Majolica factory and the Anglican Church

In the hamlet near the lake called Majolica, we can find the Anglican Church and the building still called “Ca’ di quadrej”.

Between 1700 and 1800 Griante had a factory for the production of Majolica.
The raw material was derived from the large clay bench located at the foot of Mount Crocione. Feature of “cooked pasta” produced in Griante was yellow.
This production has unfortunately disappeared.

For a long time Cadenabbia was one of the favorite places by the British who settled here and founded a community so important to lead to build an Anglican Church, the first in Italy, which was consecrated in 1891.

The project was designed by architect Giuseppe Brentano, whose neo-Gothic style was the ultimate expression in a project for the facade of the cathedral of Milan, never realized.

Particularly noteworthy are the mosaics that adorn the facade, made from the english architect Murchison. He was the first owner of Villa Norella whose gardens are descended from the villa to the road Statale Regina on the border with the Anglican Church.

Opposite the church, on the lake promenade, it was recently placed the statue of Konrad Adenauer depicted while playing bowls, his favourite pastime.

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