Walking along the ancient Via Regina

The ancient Via Regina or Regia was the alternative to the waterway that connected the old Como port with the Alto Lago.

The road was for centuries the most important axis of connection between the Como area and the Alps region.
The ancient road is now a biking and walking path discovered, from Como to Sorico.

A journey that continues to the north with the itinerary Via Francisca-Via Spluga and on the south by the ancient Via Como-Milan.

The ancient Via Regina is a way to rediscover soft mobility and sustainable eco tourism to enjoy nature, admire the monuments, the churches, dry stone walls, the bridges …

Once, our old people constantly traveling along this road for trade.
The Via Regina was also a source of transmission of knowledge.

So much history comes alive in these stones, a history that crumbles in front of us, step by step, in the footsteps of the pilgrims and of our people …

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