A Walk to the Rogolone

Who loves nature and the green should not miss a walk to the Rogolone.
The Rogolone is one of the majestic and oldest tree of Italy.
In fact it enter in the 150 Italian historic trees.
It is one of the beautiful trip for children that we recommend to our customers.
The Rogolone is an oak species, born in 1730. The circumference of its trunk is of 7.5 meters.
The Rogolone is near a youngest oak “Rogolino” , born in 1820.
To reach the Rogolone you can go up to Carlazzo, from Gottro near the Church of San Giorgio follow the path that leads directly to Rogolone.
Or in Grandola e Uniti, from Codogna near the Town Hall, follow the path with alerts.
There are many stories about what succeeded in the past in the shade of these giants.
Someone says that from there the inhabitants of the villages started to mark the property borders of the countries.
Someone says that in its shadow were celebrated spring festivals .
Only the Rogolone and the young Rogolino can tell these stories, we admire simply their majesty.

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