Funicular Como Brunate

Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the town of Brunate lake Como was accessible only through a mule track connecting it to Como. Then in 1894 a funicular railway was built and contributed greatly to the tourist development of the hilly area thanks to the panorama on Como and the lake that can be admired during the trip.

The funicular has its starting / arriving stations in Piazza A. De Gasperi in Como and in Piazza A. Bonacossa in Brunate.

Along the route there are two stops on request: one in Como Alto and one in Carescione (fraction of Brunate).

Arriving at Brunate, in addition to taking some pictures to the wonderful panorama, you can take a stroll through the country’s streets, between clean air and Liberty style villas.
This is a resort that has been a destination for many exponents of the Lombard nobility.

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