The earth of Valsolda extends among Porlezza and the border between Italy and Switzerland. It offer an entirely view of Lake Lugano.

The Valsolda is a green amphitheatre facing south with the Mediterranean climate with olive trees, cypresses and laurels.

On the lakeside we find the villages of Oria, Albogasio, San Mamete and Cressogno.
Upstream through woods and meadows there are the villages of Castello, Loggio, Drano, Puria and Dasio.

The natural and historical beauties attract in these places hikers and lovers of mountain bike rides.

On the opposite shore of the lake, but always part of the municipality of Valsolda, there is the village of Santa Margherita reachable only by boat. From here started the funicular to Lanzo Intelvi.

For nature lovers the Valsolda Nature Reserve is a point of considerable interest.
The southern part of the Nature Reserve is equipped with rest areas and is available both for tourism and cultural teaching.

For history lovers there are traces of prehistoric life in Muzzaglio and Camporgna, Roman finds in Castello and Albogasio, remains of medieval defensive structures in the historic centers of towns.

The most valuable works of Valsolda are made in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth century by local artists: sculptors, decorators, plasterers, painters and architects emigrated across Europe to achieve excellent works.
Not to be missed their works in the local churches and the Pagani museum.

Finally, in these places you can breathe the atmosphere of the works of Fogazzaro. In particular the novel “Piccolo Mondo Antico” with its views, its narrow streets and the house of Fogazzaro today FAI heritage.

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