The Valsolda of Piccolo Mondo Antico

In Valsolda autumn is the best time to soaking in warm colors and in the alleys of Piccolo Mondo Antico, the novel by Antonio Fogazzaro that has made popular this fabulous land.

Leaving the car over the Oria cemetery down to the lake among the oleanders, broom and red creeper to enjoy the panorama below with the Church and the shore of Lake Lugano.
In a short time we are in the churchyard of the Church of S. Sebastiano in front of Villa Fogazzaro, today FAI heritage.

Entering into the alleys comes to life the atmosphere of the novel as you find yourself in front of the corners and the buildings so well described by Fogazzaro: the dock, the steep street of the Tomato, the hanging garden, the red house of the bookies, the landing, the home of the Marquis Bianchi, the garden with maritime pine that stands gigantic in the sky.

From the churchyard you can see over the whole lake Lugano. On the southside of the village of Osteno with waterfalls Rescia and quarry stones and on the right Monte San Salvatore and the high mountains of Carona.

In the cemetery there is the family tomb of Fogazzaro.

Beyond the cemetery continue along the cobbled street to get to the Church of Albogasio and from there, taking the staircase called “the Calcinera”, stands the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata to admire the frescoes by Giovanni Battista Pozzo.

In the landscape towards the mountain are set the homes of people of Piccolo Mondo Antico: the house with porch of the Podesta building of the Seventeenth century, Villa Affaitati Salve of the Austrian official Pasotti which is a scale reconstruction of the Royal Villa in Warsaw on the Vistula river, the trail that climbs the mountain Boglia and Colma Director.

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