Moltrasio Lake Como

We have a special relationship with this country.
Grandma Emma lived part of ‘childhood and adolescence right in Moltrasio.
Her parents have lived here for over 50 years and we liked to visit them in their lake house in Moltrasio Lake Como.
Grandmother Emma always told us that to go to school she had to take the Scala Santa, which is 362 steps, which links the lakeside area to the village center .
Here we find the sculpture dedicated to Bellini composer, the musician who wrote just in Moltrasio La Straniera and part of La Sonnambula during his stays at Villa Erker and Villa Passalacqua.
And here also stayed Virgilio Ranzato who composed the music of il paese dei campanelli operetta.
Also near the lake in front of the Grand Hotel Imperiale Como, a porch connects the Hotel Posta with the oratory of San Rocco.
The Scala Santa arrives later in the town center to the parish of St. Martin, in which there are fresco paint of Fiamminghino.
The Romanesque church of St. Agatha is nearby.
On the slopes of Mount Bisbino you can see the quarries from which was extracted stone pietra moltrasina, building material used on the Lake.
Beautiful scenic tour connect Moltrasio with Rovenna-Cernobbio or Moltrasio and Carate Urio.
Moltrasio is a quite village and maybe that’s why many famous people such as designers or players ( Inter captain Zanetti soccer for example) choose it to live. Versace villa where stayed celebrities like Madonna and Naomi Campbell was an example.

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