Lenno lake Como

Lenno Lake Como is a town of Roman origin, set in a ‘cove known for its beauty by Cardinal Durini, in the seventeenth century, “Gulf of Venus.” It is said that Plinius the Younger had two villas Comedy and Tragedy the first near lake and the second much more upstream.
Numerous historical references in the country, as in the village of Campo in a stretch of Via Regina inserted in the node of streets that formed the “ancient Roman military camp” where the Campidoglio square reminds us of the legions of Rome’s passage and the time of Julius Caesar the Greek settlers from the island of Lemnos who gave the name to Lenno.
Lenno is also art with the church of St. Stephen with medieval origins where there is an ancient crypt, the baptistery Romanesque home to numerous art exhibitions, the Acquafredda abbey and the famous Villa Balbianello Lenno belonging to the FAI which were filmed episodes of famous movies like Star Wars the Attack of the Clones or 007 Casino Royal.
The famous market on Tuesday is an ideal venue for getting a bit ‘of shopping, enjoing a coffee on the lake or why not an italian ice creams at “Fabbrica del Gelato”.
Lenno is a starting point for boat trips or a perfect spot for launching a boat or beaching pleasure boats.

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