Gravedona lake Como

Gravedona Lake Como is situated in a beautiful bay.
It is characterized by its squares and the picturesque lanes that cross the country.
Gravedona is a witness to a past rich in historical event, was an important center in medieval and Roman period.
It was the community center of the Three Parishes and still preserves valuable churches and monuments.
By the lake stands the Church of Santa Maria Del Tiglio twelfth century.
On the site of the ancient castle stands imposing Palazzo Gallio (XVI century).
The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Convent, contains a fresco cycle of the sixteenth century.
The promenade along the lake continues linking Gravedona to Dongo.
This nice walk is very busy during all seasons: families with children, people who walk with dog and that ones who ride a bicycle.
The event more attractive during the summer season is the reenactment of August 14 with fireworks and bonfires lit on the mountain to remember a legend.
Seven brothers and sisters belonging to the family of Hermit Saints. Zephir on Legnoncino, Ulderico on Mount Muggio, Eulalia in Gravedona, Eufrasia in Dongo, in Bellano, Defendente in Varenna, Calimero in Pasturo.
As they lived far one from the others, to communicate when they were in danger, they lit fire outside their alpine hut so the others could rush to help.
Perhaps the tradition of lighting fires on the mountain (called “bonfire”) on the eve of the feast of the patron saints was born in this way.

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