Piccolo Mondo Antico: Castello Valsolda

After visiting the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata, continuing into the driveway, in 30 minutes you can reach Castello Valsolda.

Keep it up our tour for Valsolda of Piccolo Mondo Antico following the route that uncle Piero and Mr. Zacomo Puttini made the day of the secret marriage of Luisa and Franco.

On the left are the old stables of Pianca and close to the first restaurant we meet, your gaze runs over Casarico, San Mamete, Cressogno, Loggio and in front of Rescia falls.

Continuing our journey on the right hidden among the trees we can see the Caslano fountain, where Fogazzaro set his homonym poem.

Castello Valsolda is a country with a panoramic view located on a cliff. Is the native land of Luisa.

In the Church are celebrated the secret marriage between Luisa and Franco. Here you can admire the frescoes by Paolo Pagani and on the churchyard a breathtaking views of the west bank of Ceresio to Monte San Salvatore.

Venturing under the porch and passed the small square you come to the house of Luisa’s mother.

Continuing along the avenue between the houses until you arrive at the bottom of the village meeting places of Piccolo Mondo Antico: the walnut trees, the Muzzaglio pastures, the tiny cemetery of Looch where is buried Luisa’s mother.

Returning to the cobbled avenue, take the path on the left and in twenty minutes you can arrive at the lake.

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