Bellano Lake Como, Andrea Vitali and the Orrido

A market day in Bellano lake Como, on Thursday, it is a good opportunity for a boat trip.

Out of the boat you are caught with a vibrant air of little marina, then you visit the alleys described in the novels of Andrea Vitali until you reach the gorge, the waterfall feature of Bellano Lake Como

The austere beauty and vigorous passage of the waters of the river Pioverna in this natural gorge leave tourists spellbound.

Bellano is known for its industrial tradition which developed using the stream energy
In the nineteenth century were born some manufactoring factories such as Setificio Gavazzi, the mill Badossi and the cotton mill Cantoni.

Worth seeing is also the Church of San Nazario and Celso, the parish of Bellano, built by the Masters of Como in 1300.

Don’t miss “La Pesa Vegia” of 5 January a demonstration in traditional costume!

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