Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club

On Lake Como late 800 was one of the most popular destinations among elite tourists, mostly Anglo-Saxon. They were mostly industrial and textile traders in ‘intent to recreate the’ English environment, they met January 10, 1907, led by the banker Henry John Mylius to found the Menaggio Cadenabbia golf club. Mylius was the first president.

In 1961 the family Roncoroni bought golf from previous British owners, to 1992, was President Antonio Roncoroni who was the founder of the Italian PGA.

The camp was completely redesigned in 1965 by John Harris. “The English style” still reigns sovereign today on the course and in the club rooms.
Since 1993 President of the Club is Vittorio Roncoroni.

The Menaggio Cadenabbia Golf Club is the second oldest golf course of Italy.

Today’s course has undergone, under the current Presidency some additional changes that have brought to 70 the number of par.

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