The witches of the pra de la taca

Once upon a time in Mezzegra lake Como lived a fisherman who was very keen to his boat, for this reason he assured it at the pier with a special knot that only he could do.
But one morning he found the boat moored at the usual place but connected in a different way …
Want to see that someone has used the boat during the night?
He took the boat went fishing. On his return he assured the boat with his special knot and went home. Unfortunately, the next day the boat was not tied as he had left it.
The fisherman decided to find out who and what used his boat at night, that night he hid under deck and waited, waited, waited so much that he was convinced that it would not reach anyone.
But at midnight he began to hear some voices, the boat swinging and different people take a seat on it.
Then a voice said boat parts to 1, boat parts to 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, 6, 7 …
The voice was that of a woman said, you see that one of us is expecting a baby … and so saying, he added … boat parts for 8 and the boat immediately rose up out of the lake and began to fly in the sky.
The poor fisherman knew happened to be in the midst of seven witches and decided to keep quiet deck to avoid being discovered.
The order of the first witch stopped the boat and landed in Torno lake Como , a village on the other side of the lake.
The seven witches descended from the boat and disappeared into the wee hours of the morning. They climbed back into the boat, the first witch said boat parts 1, 2 parts per boat, the boat flew back and landed in Mezzegra, the witches went down, secured the boat with a knot and disappeared.
The next night the fisherman hid below deck again, at midnight the witches came, got into the boat, the first witch said again for 1 boat parts, boat parts for 2 …. the boat set off and flew again until I’ll be back.
The witches went down and this time the angler followed them secretly.
They came to a clearing where they made a dance bewitched, gathered some twigs of a tree that grew only in that place; also our fisherman he picked up a stick and put it on the cap not to lose …. at first light flying back on the boat in Mezzegra, they bound her and they arranged to meet the next night to the PRA DE LA TACA, an ancient site located half mountain above Mezzegra, where once witches did their dances, their sabbah!
The poor fisherman increasingly frightened eyes widened with amazement when, peering, he recognized his wife among the witches of Pra de la Taca!
The next night he followed his wife and the other witches to the PRA DE LA TACA, the hid behind a boulder and peered witches dancing and throwing in the fire reciting incantations twigs.
The fisherman ran a sneeze and was discovered by witches who wanted to throw him into the fire along with twigs … but recognized his wife and thanks to the branch carrying on his cap was saved.
The witches made him burn the twig, in exchange for the promise that life would never tell anybody anything and that they, the witches, they could continue to use his boat every night.
So the fisherman saved his life!

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