The Carnival of Schignano

The carnival of Schignano, is one of the most famous carnivals in the province of Como.

Schignano still maintains the old character of this event, came to this day.

The performance takes place primarily with two famous people the the Beautiful and the Ugly.

Masks made of walnut, hand-carved date back about 200 years ago and are used solely for the Carnival of Schignano.

The mask of beauty has elegant features and the mask of the Ugly has a decidedly more grotesque.

The town’s main square, the alleys and streets that fold my various fractions are the stage of the Carnival.

Here are the players of the carnival:

The Mascarun: (beautiful) the mask representing the ” old gentleman “, dressed in colorful flamboyant costumes , with a big belly , elegant and rhythmic movements so by ringing the four” bronze “(bronze bells), which complete the disguise

IlBrut: (bad) form that is submitted to the poor gentleman, dressed miserably as opposed to beauty. His movements are clumsy and burlesque. Completing the mask 4 cowbells “Cioch”

The Sapeaur and The Sigurtà: Two masks that open the procession.
The Sapeaur dressed in sheepskin, his face painted black and with a mustache and beard long and white, abuts a hat always sheepskin. The figure of Sigurtà representing safety, dressed in a military-style hat, a gray-green cape and headband with the inscription Sicurtà.

The Cioca: mask representing the wife servant of Mascarun and is tied to a rope held by the same Mascarun for the whole time of the event., Dressed in women’s clothes of the old bill, mostly dark colors, her face painted black, with hand tools to spin (and a distaff to spin) and for the duration of the event curses her husband

The Carlisep: mask represented by a puppet that remains hanging in the square for a few days and then magically trasformed in a living mask which runs along the streets of the village to escape the fire that will declare the end of the carnival.

The procession is accompanied by fugheta a small complex of some members of the brass band of Schignano.
In the parade will add a series of other masks.

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