The Palio of Baradello

Some information about Palio del Baradello…

The “Palio” was one of the most typical italian performances in the Middle Ages. It was the most famous and popular performance to celebrate important events of a Community. Certainly the most famous is the Palio of Siena.
In the Como territory this “expression” was not so much used; nevertheless the spirit, full of colours and suggestions towards this kind of performances was very keen in the people’s mind.
Based on the most famous and mentioned performance kept in occasion of the arrival in Como (summer of 1159 AD) of the Swabian Emperor Frederick 1st, named Barbarossa, the “Palio of Baradello”, takes place since 1980 from the first to the second Sunday of September, as a complete cultural and civic fact.
The “Palio” is disputed among the town suburbs and some communes of Como district, in order to win the “pallium”, artistic silk drape yearly new hand-painted by skillful Como artists. The competitors face each other in three spectacular and strongly fighted local competitions: “THE JOUST” (a horse-race), “THE WHEELBARROWRACE” (a very laborious competition made by a couple with characteristic wooden wheelbarrows) and “THE REGATA” (competition on the lake made by typical “Lucia” boats).

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