All Saints Day or Halloween memories and traditions

November 1 and 2 here in Italy, we celebrate all Saints day and the Dead.
This holidays weekend our traditions are mixed to that of our small foreign guests who celebrate Halloween 31.
Now it become part of our tradition too.
The memory flies when we were children.
For us, the pumpkin was just to make gnocchi!
These were the days of the turns in the cemeterys.
It started a few days before. The grandparents reminded parents to go to the florist and going to clean the cemetery graves.
On 1st of November we left early. We stopped in each village to bring flowers and candels at the grave of relatives.
We went to Mass at the cemetery here in Mezzegra. Then we returned to the grandparents house, the current Residence.
Around the large fireplace (which was kept in the apartment Angels) we ate the boiled chestnuts (belegott or pelee).
The grandparents left a bit of chestnuts on the table for the deceased and they pray holy rosary.
Yet, it was a feast for us children. It was because on that days we met all relatives, who sometimes took us some candy, or was it just because it was nice to be together.

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