Chiccolandia Como

A day in Chiccolandia Como
Not everyone knows that the famous brand for children Chicco Como has its seat here in the province of Como and is just 30 minutes far from us that Chiccoloandia Como has its headquarters.

You may wonder what it is ?

Chiccolandia Como is nothing more than an outlet for new mothers and children but super organized.


The two-story building on the ground floor is home to the clothes,the toys, the strollers, all for expectant mothers and children, a bar and over an area specifically designed for children with rides, toy trains, the slides and tricycles. All in the name of security.

And outside there is an area equipped with houses, tables and chairs suitable for children and opposite you find the museum of the rocking horse to visit.

Seeing is believing, we spend with our children sometimes a gloomy day to Chiccolandia Como so Francesca and Samuele are always happy.

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