Terre Lariane Igt good Italian Wine from Lake Como

The name Terre Lariane IGT represents one of the most important wine areas in the Lombardy region; includes the provinces of Como and Lecco and was created in 2008.

The two most important areas are the Brianza hills around Montevecchia and Como lake. Wines with this denomination are mainly based on Chardonnay, Riesling, Riesling Italico, Sauvignon, Trebbiano Toscano, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Marzemino, Croatina, Sangiovese, Schiava.

Among the farms and cellars on the west shore of Lake Como we remember Sorsasso and Angelinetta Cellars in Domaso in the northern part of our lake where you can taste these wines of our culinary tradition!

Onions a vegetable that is widely used in cooking recipes

Onion is part of the same family of garlic, shallot, leek and chives.

Cultivated since the third millennium BC and used in the diets of the ancient peoples of the Middle East, onion has important antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Water and fibers, contained in large quantities, favor the elimination of slags and combat water retention; calcium and phosphorus strengthen the bones, while potassium regulates blood pressure. Moreover, sulfur content, which makes us cry when we cut this vegetable, has an important antimicrobial action.

To make the most of these properties, it would be better to consume it raw, as with the cooking you lose a number of beneficial substances. It is a typical vegetable of our culinary tradition as the basis of the sautéed with celery and carrots but is also the protagonist of tasty Mediterranean cuisine.

Carpaccio of mushrooms and Italian bresaola of Valtellina valley

Quick and easy recipe to cook with italian bresaola.
Type: antipasto plate
Season: all year
Time of preparation: 10 ‘
Method of cooking. not need cooking
The ingredients:
– 200 gr. bresaola of Valtellina valley thinly sliced
– Porcini mushrooms in extra vergin olive oil
– Slivers of aged cheeses or add the Parmesan
– Pepper
– extra virgin olive oil
– the lemon juice

The preparation:
Prepare bresaola of Valtellina valley on plates, add the olive oil, a few drops of lemon and a sprinkling of pepper.
Place the mushrooms, whole or sliced in advance, sprinkle with the parmesan or seasoned cheese.
Serve the carpaccio with crispy , warm bread and Valtellina wine.

Culinary tours in Valtellina Valley

The territory of Valtellina Valley offers many sources and inspiration for the kitchen of Lake Como. It supplies also the raw materials.

The dishes, local specialties such as pizzoccheri, bresaola, sciatt become part of the menu of homemade and restaurants recipes in our area.

What to say about the fine wine of this valley, the apples and bresaola?

Culinary tours in Valtellina Valley are still doing it

Teglio Valtellina is home to eat pizzoccheri (buckwheat noodles) . Every year, the last weekend of July, in the forest pine of Teglio the traditional festival

The festival of the wine cellars in Morbegno, opened in October, where you can taste the wines of Valtellina Valley with strong flavor and unmistakable.
You can walk on the paths through the vineyards for wine tasting tours on the Wine Route of Valtellina Valley. Among the most famous brand names: Sforzato Valtellina wine , Valtellina Superiore, Wine Inferno, Sassella wine, Grumello wine, Maroggia all DOCG, Rosso di Valtellina DOC and Terraces Rhaetian of Sondrio IGT wines

Apples grown on the valley: Red Delicious apples, Golden Delicious apples and Gala apples, all with IGP.

Bresaola IGP: sausage made with best cuts of beef precisely thigh beef, salted and dried meat with the addition of natural flavorings.

Bisciola, sweet typical of Valtellina: loaf stuffed with dried fruit and nuts

The Festival of Bitto in Morbegno, in mid October, with numerous events offering cheese tasting, sensory tasting, the aromas of raw milk, cooking workshops for children and to learn how to make cheese …
Valtellina is also a destination for the mushroom hunters then be enjoyed in local restaurants offering the typical recipes.

Enjoy your meal!!!

Italian Polenta and missoltino

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Missoltino festival in Mezzegra here is a tasty recipe with our lake fish. The missoltini (misultit) are a semiconserva fish ( salted dried fish), typical of Lake Como region: perhaps the use of salt owe their name. The most valuable are those obtained from fishing in May (although today it is banned) on rocky seabed, where the shad come to lay their eggs. The missoltini are now a specialty / gastronomic rarity, related to other formulations poorest, as saracch or salted herring. Even the use of accompanying them with polenta refer to typical combinations of all the blue fish with foods rich in types of complex carbohydrates (the starch).

It is normally eaten as an ‘antipasto’plate
Main course dish
Medium difficulty to prepare
Time of preparation 10 minutes
Method of cooking: cooking on the grill.
The Ingredients: missoltini (about 800 g), chopped parsley (2 tablespoons), Italian extra virgin olive oil (6 tablespoons), the vinegar (6 tablespoons), grilled polenta (6 slices, 600 g).
The preparation
Prepare a Italian polenta, cut into slices.
Rinse Missoltini in warm water with vinegar to remove excess salt and fat firmed.
With a meat mallet, press gently on the chopping missoltini
Put Missoltini on the hot grill Grill for a few minutes
Remove the flakes with a knife.
Place them on a serving dish, sprinkle with chopped parsley, vinegar and oil
Used in combination with the slices of polenta, also grilled.
As you eat missoltini: Cut lengthwisethe missoltini, open them with a light lever action exerted by the knife and remove the central bone. Besides that tasted in the restaurants on Lake Como, missoltini can be purchased on site (in the areas of central Lake) and in some delis specializing ..
Serving suggestions: A warm polenta or polenta taragna can replace the slices of grilled polenta: in this case it becomes a main course. The accompanying wine must necessarily be red, young and well-bodied.
We suggest to visit the Missoltino festival where you can sample this delicacy of the lake and spend a pleasant day with good food and music.

Risotto con pesce persico

This recipe is a typical combination of local resources (the fish) and the famous regional dish (risotto); the result is a rich dish which has entered into the high class restaurants of the area.Pesce Persico (Perch) is similar to the Lavarello, with a soft delicate meat and a very popular catch with local fishermen not only in Lake Como but also in Lake Lugano and the other Brianza lakes.
Main course dish.
Eaten all year.
Medium difficulty to prepare.
Time of preparation 45 minutes.
Method of cooking: boiled (rice) and fried (fish).
The Ingredients: 800g. Perch fillets – 100g. Of Butter, – 2 spoon flour.
12 leaves of sage or 10g, 500g. of Rice,1.5 litres of best vegetable broth, 1 onion, ½ glass of italian dry white wine, some salt.
The Preparation:
Recipe Risotto
Chop the onion finely and saute in butter in a pan.
Add the rice, stirring all the time. When it is hot add the white wine. Keep stirring with spoon wooden until it has evaporated.
In the meantime, prepare the vegetable broth.
Add the broth with the ladle, little at a time continuing to stir.
Cook rice for about 15 – 20 minutes, stirring now and again, so that it does not stick to the pan.
The Fish (In the meantime)
Fry a part of leaves of sage in some of the remaining butter (40g.)
Dip the fish fillets in flour
Fry them in the butter until they reach a golden colour
Take the fish out of the pan and keep them hot in the oven
When the rice is cooked, spread it on a serving plate and place the fish on top
Heat the remaining 20g. Of butter with the remaining sage and pour it over the rice and fish
Serve hot.
Risotto with lake perch is an unique dish. A salad and a dessert made from fruits is perfect to accompany it. A dry white wine, such as Franciacorta wine is a great combination.

Emma grandmother’s tomato sauce

During the summer, Grandpa Rino supplies the products km 0 from his garden, especially tomatoes for tomato sauce or even the rest, sometimes he thinks to have an army to feed because of the quantity !!!

But is thanks to the unremarkable work of Grandma Emma, that during the hot days prepares her tomato sauce, allows us to have the stocks for the winter, so then our pizzas, sauce, lasagna or brasato have all another flavor.

Skim tomatoes, as soon as they are cooled, remove the peel and blend them into a normal kitchen robot. In a saucepan add a spoonful of oil, some slices of onion and the shredded tomato.
With slow fire do evaporate the water releasing from tomatos and here’s our sauce is ready.
Wait for the tomato sauce is cold and then freeze it as best you prefer.
Grandma Emma usually buys the small aluminum pans and then makes us write the date on the cover !!!
Here are your stocks for the winter!

Enjoy your meal.

Pesce in Carpione a freshwater fish

Carpione is a freshwater fish similar to the trout, very precious and almost extinct in Italy, in fact it can only now be found in the waters of the Lake Garda, where there are strict rules regarding how much of it can be fished. Its meat is very delicate, so much so that it is conserved by cooking it and by the addition of vinegar and vegetables. The name ‘Carpione’ has therefore been adapted for the preparation of several others fresh water fish.

It is normally eaten as an ‘antipasto’plate
Normally eaten in spring and Summer
Medium difficulty to prepare
Time of preparation 60 minutes
Method of cooking: Fried

The Ingredients: Alborelle (600g) Agoni n.6 or Lavarelli,-Frying oil – 150.g flour – half Onion ½ leg of Celery – 1 carrot – 1 segment of a bulb of garlic – the cloves – the black pepper – chopped parsley chopped thyme – ½ litre white wine vinegar – ½ litre italian dry white wines –some salt.

The Preparation
Clean the fish insides
Dip the fish in flour and fry them in boiling oil, draining them with the ladle when they are crispy fry.
Place the fish on the earthenware plates
Chop the onion, garlic, the celery and the carrot
Fry in a little oil, the chopped vegetables until glassy and then add the thyme, cloves and black pepper.
Add the vinegar and the white wine and bring to boil.
Pour the sauce onto the fish in an earthenware dish; add the chopped parsley and cover.
The dish can be eaten when it has cooled or conserved in a cool temperature for a few days.

The carpione is suitable for combinations with other Larian fish dishes (risotto with perch, etc.), But also in soups. The accompanying wine should preferably be spirited, pink or even red as Lambrusco red wine.

The typical products of Italy Lake Como

In the culinary tradition of Lake Como flavors of lake and mountain meet and give us our typical products of Italy Lake Como.

Among types lake fish stand out:
the agon (dried becomes missoltino), the perch fish , the bleak fish , the whitefish, the chub, the char, burbot fish, the Danube roach.

Among the cheeses you can choose those fresh pasta or the more mature:
Types of goats cheese, cow milk cheese , mixed (fresh or cured cheese), the Larian Alpine cheese (furmagela), the semuda, the zincarlin.
To accompany good plates of cheese , walnut fruit and Larian honey should not certainly miss.

Depending on the various botanical species that bloom during the production feature the different types of Larian honey acacia honey, the honey locust, chestnut honey, linden honey, honeydew honey or forest, thousand flowers honey, honey high mountain, raspberry honey, rhododendron honey, honey ailanthus.
Do not miss our recipes easy to prepare.

Recipe of Italy: granita

Italian Granita, simple and fast recipe of Italy, refreshes us in a hot day.
Crush ice add a mint syrup, barley water, almond milk syrup, tamarind syrup, cherry syrup, blueberry syrup or lemons juice only.
Done!!! There already seems to be more cool …

Granite has its origins in the Arab populations that had invaded Sicily. In fact, they had the habit of refreshing themselves with ice-based drinks and fruit juices or rose water. It is said that the first were made with the snow of Etna.

Every year in Acireale takes place the festival where the audience decides the best of the year.