The Sagra di San Giovanni and the comballo

The Festival of St.Giovanni of Isola Comacina lake Como is waiting for you to start the long-awaited summer season!
Along the shores of Lake Como, surrounded by beautiful scenery, we find the Isola Comacina that every year hosts the Festival.
It is the oldest event on Lake Como, the scene of traditions, art, faith and folklore.
The festival celebrates the glorious past of the territory between sandwiches and the beginning of summer with a fireworks display – music, the most famous scenery of lights and colors of Lake Como.
The multidisciplinary character of the event is manifested by the solemn procession on the island of figurants in traditional costumes and the regatta with the “Lucie”, the ancient boats of Lake Como, and two gastronomic evenings.

The ancestors who lived on the shores of Lake Como in the past, moved with the cumball (comballi), ancient sailboats that allowed you to transport goods on the lake.
Many of these rustic boats were shipwrecked because of their heavy load and there are many testimonies.
Participating in the Sagra di San Giovanni is an opportunity to see for yourself the collections of the testimonies of the shipwrecks at the Antiquarium of Ossuccio.