Visual Food: ladybugs of tomatoes and olives

Visual food is art, fantasy, creativity but especially is the capacity to combine different foods of colour and form to satisfy the view and the ultimate purpose of eating everything.
Here’s a very simple recipe: ladybugs of tomatoes and olives.

Ingredients (for 20 Ladybugs)
– 10 cherry tomatoes
– 5 green or black olives
– 5 slices of soft bread
– Mayonnaise
– Balsamic vinegar icing
– Chives

The preparation
We wash the tomatoes, cut them in half and then we continue to half in the middle without cutting the whole tomato, so until reaching the other end. With balsamic vinegar glaze, make black dots by using a toothpick. Take the slices of bread and cut them into four pieces, spread some mayonnaise and place the cherry tomatoes. To make the ladybird’s face take the olives and cut them in half and then again in half and place them in front of the tomato. For antennas use chives.

A special thank you to our cook Chiara Travella.

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