The typical products of Italy Lake Como

In the culinary tradition of Lake Como flavors of lake and mountain meet and give us our typical products of Italy Lake Como.

Among types lake fish stand out:
the agon (dried becomes missoltino), the perch fish , the bleak fish , the whitefish, the chub, the char, burbot fish, the Danube roach.

Among the cheeses you can choose those fresh pasta or the more mature:
Types of goats cheese, cow milk cheese , mixed (fresh or cured cheese), the Larian Alpine cheese (furmagela), the semuda, the zincarlin.
To accompany good plates of cheese , walnut fruit and Larian honey should not certainly miss.

Depending on the various botanical species that bloom during the production feature the different types of Larian honey acacia honey, the honey locust, chestnut honey, linden honey, honeydew honey or forest, thousand flowers honey, honey high mountain, raspberry honey, rhododendron honey, honey ailanthus.
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