Pasta from Italy, our small round pasta typical from Liguria: trofie or trofie al pesto

The Trofie pasta are a typical product of the Ligurian culinary tradition and have their name for the word “strofissià” which in Genoa dialect means rub.

Prepare with a dough of hard wheat flour and water, they are distinguished by an elongated, thin and irregular shape, curled, bigger in the center and slender to the vertices.

They should be seasoned, almost exclusively in the local version, with pesto; a variation involves the addition of potatoes and green beans.

Preparation of trophies
Ingredients for 4 people: 300g flour, water, salt

Put the flour in a bowl and pour the water until you get a hard dough. Work the dough energetically, when is ready rest it for 10 minutes. After this time divide the dough into pieces and shape the balls. Realizes the trofie by placing their hand on each ball and dragging it out of the work plane to give it the classic shape.
Boil them about 3 minutes.

Preparation of pesto for trofie
Put in a mixer the basil leaves, garlic in pieces, a pinch of large salt, oil and mix all the ingredients, then put the pine nuts and the grated pecorino, continue to blend by pouring the oil until the sauce becomes fluid.

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