The Tomatoes of grandfather Rino

At Residence Celeste we have the great fortune to be grown up with products Kilometro Zero thanks to the untiring grandfather Rino that 12 months on 12 look after the vegetable garden and delight us with fruit and vegetable ,like is tomato, and the olive oil.

Sometimes when the crop permits , the family Galli likes to vice guests and give away what the season offers the figs, the persimmons, the salad, the zucchini, the cucumbers, the eggs,and now here is ready the tomatoes.

An idea for a quick and easy recipe but especially cool since the warm climate.

Tumates, cucumer, Oef dur furmai nustran translation and the tomatoes, the cucumbers, a boiled egg and the local cheese.

In a bowl prepared the cucumbers, the tomatoes into rounds and the local cheese into small pieces and do not forget the chopped onion.
Prepare the egg and add to the salad.

Season with good extra virgin olive oil, the vinegar or the lemon and the salt. Grandfather Rino puts in abundance despite the rebuke of grandmother Emma.

Enjoy your meal and tell us if you liked our salad recipe ideas

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