Emma grandmother’s tomato sauce

During the summer, Grandpa Rino supplies the products km 0 from his garden, especially tomatoes for tomato sauce or even the rest, sometimes he thinks to have an army to feed because of the quantity !!!

But is thanks to the unremarkable work of Grandma Emma, that during the hot days prepares her tomato sauce, allows us to have the stocks for the winter, so then our pizzas, sauce, lasagna or brasato have all another flavor.

Skim tomatoes, as soon as they are cooled, remove the peel and blend them into a normal kitchen robot. In a saucepan add a spoonful of oil, some slices of onion and the shredded tomato.
With slow fire do evaporate the water releasing from tomatos and here’s our sauce is ready.
Wait for the tomato sauce is cold and then freeze it as best you prefer.
Grandma Emma usually buys the small aluminum pans and then makes us write the date on the cover !!!
Here are your stocks for the winter!

Enjoy your meal.

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