Pesce in Carpione a freshwater fish

Carpione is a freshwater fish similar to the trout, very precious and almost extinct in Italy, in fact it can only now be found in the waters of the Lake Garda, where there are strict rules regarding how much of it can be fished. Its meat is very delicate, so much so that it is conserved by cooking it and by the addition of vinegar and vegetables. The name ‘Carpione’ has therefore been adapted for the preparation of several others fresh water fish.

It is normally eaten as an ‘antipasto’plate
Normally eaten in spring and Summer
Medium difficulty to prepare
Time of preparation 60 minutes
Method of cooking: Fried

The Ingredients: Alborelle (600g) Agoni n.6 or Lavarelli,-Frying oil – 150.g flour – half Onion ½ leg of Celery – 1 carrot – 1 segment of a bulb of garlic – the cloves – the black pepper – chopped parsley chopped thyme – ½ litre white wine vinegar – ½ litre italian dry white wines –some salt.

The Preparation
Clean the fish insides
Dip the fish in flour and fry them in boiling oil, draining them with the ladle when they are crispy fry.
Place the fish on the earthenware plates
Chop the onion, garlic, the celery and the carrot
Fry in a little oil, the chopped vegetables until glassy and then add the thyme, cloves and black pepper.
Add the vinegar and the white wine and bring to boil.
Pour the sauce onto the fish in an earthenware dish; add the chopped parsley and cover.
The dish can be eaten when it has cooled or conserved in a cool temperature for a few days.

The carpione is suitable for combinations with other Larian fish dishes (risotto with perch, etc.), But also in soups. The accompanying wine should preferably be spirited, pink or even red as Lambrusco red wine.

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