Mummy presents

Miascia is a typical cake of Lake Como and a different idea for a mummy presents.

This cake made from the poors , also called “Meascia” or “Turta Paisan”, was baked in the oven where they backed bread. This recipe uses as a basic ingredient stale bread, but there are many local variations based on a mixture of white flour and yellow flour.

The preparation

Soak for an hour, in half liter of milk, three ounces of stale bread cut in to small cubes. Add stirring three eggs, fines lemon’s peels, a pinch of

salt, three apples and three pears cut into slice, a handful of fresh grapes and half ounce of raisins dried, two tablespoons of flour, one

tablespoon of yellow flour and a pound and a half of sugar. Mix well with a spatula and put it in a buttered and floured cake pot. Put over some

butter, oil, a sprinkle of sugar and chopped rosemary. Put in the preheat oven for one hour. You can heat it warm or cold.

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