Italian Polenta and missoltino

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Missoltino festival in Mezzegra here is a tasty recipe with our lake fish. The missoltini (misultit) are a semiconserva fish ( salted dried fish), typical of Lake Como region: perhaps the use of salt owe their name. The most valuable are those obtained from fishing in May (although today it is banned) on rocky seabed, where the shad come to lay their eggs. The missoltini are now a specialty / gastronomic rarity, related to other formulations poorest, as saracch or salted herring. Even the use of accompanying them with polenta refer to typical combinations of all the blue fish with foods rich in types of complex carbohydrates (the starch).

It is normally eaten as an ‘antipasto’plate
Main course dish
Medium difficulty to prepare
Time of preparation 10 minutes
Method of cooking: cooking on the grill.
The Ingredients: missoltini (about 800 g), chopped parsley (2 tablespoons), Italian extra virgin olive oil (6 tablespoons), the vinegar (6 tablespoons), grilled polenta (6 slices, 600 g).
The preparation
Prepare a Italian polenta, cut into slices.
Rinse Missoltini in warm water with vinegar to remove excess salt and fat firmed.
With a meat mallet, press gently on the chopping missoltini
Put Missoltini on the hot grill Grill for a few minutes
Remove the flakes with a knife.
Place them on a serving dish, sprinkle with chopped parsley, vinegar and oil
Used in combination with the slices of polenta, also grilled.
As you eat missoltini: Cut lengthwisethe missoltini, open them with a light lever action exerted by the knife and remove the central bone. Besides that tasted in the restaurants on Lake Como, missoltini can be purchased on site (in the areas of central Lake) and in some delis specializing ..
Serving suggestions: A warm polenta or polenta taragna can replace the slices of grilled polenta: in this case it becomes a main course. The accompanying wine must necessarily be red, young and well-bodied.
We suggest to visit the Missoltino festival where you can sample this delicacy of the lake and spend a pleasant day with good food and music.

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