Italian Ice Cream

Sometimes it happens that guests of our Residence Celeste ask us to recommend where to eat an Italian ice cream here on Lake Como.

For us it is a pleasure to recommend a good ice cream depending on whether they point to go if in direction south, we will suggest to eat the ice cream in Argegno or north we will suggest Menaggio or Gravedona without to forget a great ice cream shop in Varenna.

It is in these places where we usually love to taste a good ice cream .

Why the Italian ice cream is so popular abroad, have you never asked yourself? And what are its origins?

The ice cream was not always smooth and creamy dessert that we know

The history of ice cream has ancient origins that depart from Asia , then moved to Rome and Sicily.

For example, the Bible’s first ice cream “Eat and drink” appears when Isaac offered to Abraham goat’s milk mixed with snow.

The Romans created cold desserts mixing crushed ice and honey with fruit juice, so as to realize a kind of cream.

In Europe, the Arabs brought this tradition in Sicily, where the snow mixed with citrus juice taken the Arabic name “sherbeth”, just “sherbet.”

The ice cream’s invention is due to the Sicilian Francesco Procopio, who in 1686 opened the Café Procope in Paris, where he offered “icy waters”, “ice cream lemon juice”, “ice cream orange juice”, “strawberry sorbet” .

The Café became a popular meeting place also frequented by famous people like Voltaire, Napoleon, Victor Hugo and Balzac.

The Italian ice cream has a unique flavor, sweet, cool and refreshing.

An advice: if you can, enjoy the homemade ice cream because it is made with more fresh raw materials (milk and cream) and compared to industrial ice cream has a lower amount of fat .

Buy your ice cream and enjoy it here, in the garden of the Residence Celeste while you enjoy the panorama of our beautiful Lake Como!

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