The figs of Lake Como

Figs trees lake Como are plants spontaneous or cultivated.
Its typical environment goes from the Mediterranean countries to Central Asia.

In Italy we have fig tree coultivation also in the northern regions.
The figs trees lake Como has three periods of flowering and fruiting throughout the year: in July with “rosettes” in September with “provided” and, where the climate allows it, in the winter.

In Lombardy there is a certain tradition in cultivation, with typical varieties of fig trees of our territory.

The”Madonna” is a bushy plantthat produces large fruits with yellow-green skin, typical of high Lombardy plain.
The “Longhett” by small and elongated shape, green in color and very sweet taste, released in Como Lake and the Bergamasco.
The “Brianzolo” green color that tends to wither on the vine and is therefore consumed dry.
The “Red Lombardo” round in shape and with the zest that takes on different shades, from rosata to brunette.
In the garden, near the holiday apartments at Residence Celeste, there are two beautiful fig trees “Red Lombardo.”
It’s here that Grandpa Rino collects the delicious black figs that gives each year to the guests of the Residence Celeste.

Between a fig and another Grandpa Rino tells us that once figs dried were used as treats during the Christmas season or as an ingredient of the cake “Miascia.”
Also he never forget to tell us the dialectal proverb “Turna indree a catà soe la pell di fiich”, “Go back to pick up the skin of the figs” to remind us not to waste anything because then you go back, in time of crisis, to collect waste. …

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