An easy recipe: tortelli di San Giuseppe

We were lucky to grow up with traditions that then as adults we carry in our care and it is so natural to share them with our children that sometimes you seem to feel scents and tastes like you going as a child.
Next to the Residence there is a small Church St. Joseph’s Church where among other things you can enjoy a glimpse of the stunning lake. The St. Joseph’s Oratory is dated end of 1600 and owes its construction to Charles Brentano Mezzegra. Preceded by a portico, the church has a structure with a single nave and has an altarpiece depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints Joseph and Charles probably of the school of Giulio Quaglio.
This small church is opened by our parish at March 19th feast of St. Joseph and the Father’s Day, and traditionally is celebrated the holy Mass followed by the enchantment of the baskets and to end the volunteers always serve the famous and delicious tortelli di San Giuseppe .
Even in our family has always been tradition them. Here’s an easy recipe.
Serves 4
Preparation time 50 minutes
A Dessert
The ingredients
60 g of butter
4 eggs
150 g type 00 flour
Salt to taste
50 grams of sugar
250 ml of water
Seed oil q.s.

The preparation:
Put on the fire to boil a quarter of water and the butter, sugar, a pinch of salt, then add the flour. Stir for ten minutes until the mixture will form a ball. Let the mixture cool after removing from heat and add, continuing to mix, eggs, alternating a whipped egg white to yolk. Mix well then put a spoonful of batter at a time into the hot oil. Continue turning the tortelli until they are completely cooked, sprinkle of sugar.

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