Culinary tours in Valtellina Valley

The territory of Valtellina Valley offers many sources and inspiration for the kitchen of Lake Como. It supplies also the raw materials.

The dishes, local specialties such as pizzoccheri, bresaola, sciatt become part of the menu of homemade and restaurants recipes in our area.

What to say about the fine wine of this valley, the apples and bresaola?

Culinary tours in Valtellina Valley are still doing it

Teglio Valtellina is home to eat pizzoccheri (buckwheat noodles) . Every year, the last weekend of July, in the forest pine of Teglio the traditional festival

The festival of the wine cellars in Morbegno, opened in October, where you can taste the wines of Valtellina Valley with strong flavor and unmistakable.
You can walk on the paths through the vineyards for wine tasting tours on the Wine Route of Valtellina Valley. Among the most famous brand names: Sforzato Valtellina wine , Valtellina Superiore, Wine Inferno, Sassella wine, Grumello wine, Maroggia all DOCG, Rosso di Valtellina DOC and Terraces Rhaetian of Sondrio IGT wines

Apples grown on the valley: Red Delicious apples, Golden Delicious apples and Gala apples, all with IGP.

Bresaola IGP: sausage made with best cuts of beef precisely thigh beef, salted and dried meat with the addition of natural flavorings.

Bisciola, sweet typical of Valtellina: loaf stuffed with dried fruit and nuts

The Festival of Bitto in Morbegno, in mid October, with numerous events offering cheese tasting, sensory tasting, the aromas of raw milk, cooking workshops for children and to learn how to make cheese …
Valtellina is also a destination for the mushroom hunters then be enjoyed in local restaurants offering the typical recipes.

Enjoy your meal!!!

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