Aperitif or Happy Hour

Often when you talk about an aperitif you think of the happy hour but they are not the same and now we see why …

The happy hour mania was born when some locals had the brilliant idea of gratifying the worker at the end of the day by offering them, a fixed price, from 18 to the second evening, a buffet consisting of pasta dishes, pizzas, mixed salami, rice, salads, assorted sandwiches and much more accompanied by any type of drink, from juices to carbonated beverages, from wine to spirits.

Different is the aperitif in the traditional sense. It is usually consumed before you sit at the table, either inside a bar or at the restaurant you chose. It includes a moderate alcoholic (prosecco, spritz …) or non-alcoholic to which are associated with simple salty appetizers, salami or tasting of small portions of typical cheeses.

The function is to prepare the tasteful papille to taste dinner.

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