50th anniversary of Tremezzina cake

Tremezzina cake celebrates the 50th anniversary!!

Fifty years ago Fulvio Cairoli invented the Tremezzina cake.

In a small laboratory in Portezza, that man of few words, created a cake that also conquered the most demanding palates, and that became a must of pastry.

Tremezzina cake has a soft dough on a base of pastry stuffed with jam, the gasket is composed of almonds and sugar powder.

The tradition of Tremezzina cake was brought before the Cairoli family with great attention to the quality and choice of natural ingredients.

Who among us has never celebrated a birthday with Tremezzina cake?
In our family it has always been a classic !!

For 10 years now, the “Tremezzina” (trade name) is prepared in the laboratories of pastry Tremezzina in Lenno. Here you can buy it for a taste or also as a souvenir of Lake Como.

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