Italian Tiramisù a tasty recipe with few ingredients

We dedicate this recipe of Italian Tiramisù to the French part of our heart especially to Patricia, Laurent and Caroline and all our guests who like to enjoy fine Italian cuisine.

The origins of tiramisù are very uncertain.
Many are the legends associated to this cake that is said to have aphrodisiac powers. The official version places the birth of tiramisu in the seventeenth century.
Some say it is originally from Tuscany, Veneto and those who Piedmont.

The Italian tiramisù is a cake with few ingredients but tasty, much loved both in Italy and abroad

The ingredients
Whole eggs 6
120 g of sugar + 2 tablespoons coffee
Mascarpone cheese 500 g
The coffee just enough to wet savoiardi cookies
Cocoa powder q.b to powder the tiramisu
chocolate chips to cover the tiramisu
Savoiardi cookies 400 g

The preparation
To prepare tiramisu, divide the egg whites from the yolks, add the egg yolks with half the sugar and mounted with an electric mixer until you get a nice clear mixture, frothy and creamy.
Add the mascarpone cheese to the yolks, egg whites until stiff, and when they are semi-mounted, add the remaining sugar and continue beating.
Once the egg whites will be mounted perfectly gently add them to the mixture of egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone.
The cream is ready, then place a layer on the bottom of a normal Pyrex baking dish, pass the biscuits in the coffee trying not to soak too much, arrange them in the baking dish.
Put a layer of cream over the savoiardi cookies and cover with another layer of savoiardi soaked in coffee (if you did the first vertical layer the latter can make horizontal layer), leveled well and sprinkle with cocoa powder .If you want to make most delicious you can add chocolate chips. Store in fridge for a few hours to shrink the sweet and … buon appetito.

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