Moltrasio Lake Como

We have a special relationship with this country.
Grandma Emma lived part of ‘childhood and adolescence right in Moltrasio.
Her parents have lived here for over 50 years and we liked to visit them in their lake house in Moltrasio Lake Como.
Grandmother Emma always told us that to go to school she had to take the Scala Santa, which is 362 steps, which links the lakeside area to the village center .
Here we find the sculpture dedicated to Bellini composer, the musician who wrote just in Moltrasio La Straniera and part of La Sonnambula during his stays at Villa Erker and Villa Passalacqua.
And here also stayed Virgilio Ranzato who composed the music of il paese dei campanelli operetta.
Also near the lake in front of the Grand Hotel Imperiale Como, a porch connects the Hotel Posta with the oratory of San Rocco.
The Scala Santa arrives later in the town center to the parish of St. Martin, in which there are fresco paint of Fiamminghino.
The Romanesque church of St. Agatha is nearby.
On the slopes of Mount Bisbino you can see the quarries from which was extracted stone pietra moltrasina, building material used on the Lake.
Beautiful scenic tour connect Moltrasio with Rovenna-Cernobbio or Moltrasio and Carate Urio.
Moltrasio is a quite village and maybe that’s why many famous people such as designers or players ( Inter captain Zanetti soccer for example) choose it to live. Versace villa where stayed celebrities like Madonna and Naomi Campbell was an example.

Cernobbio Lake Como

Advertising time of a famous brand of coffee starring George Clooney has been realized in the gardens of Villa Erba in Cernobbio lake Como.

The park surrounding the villa has the modern conference and exhibition center which hosts events such as Orticolario, the “Concorso d’Eleganza” for fans of classic cars, “Como Crea” tissues.

Villa D’Este is the other grand old villa from 1500 and converted into a luxury hotel in 1873, where important international meetings of policy and economy take place.

Cernobbio lake Como is a small village just outside Como, but now a reference point for the elite hospitality .
The beautiful area of the lake is protected by the green summit of Mount Bisbino.
It can be reached through a steep and narrow road.
From here you access to the trails of the Via dei Monti Lariani leading up to the Alto Lario.

We thank you Agnese Gottifredi for the amazing and wonderful photo.

Menaggio Lake Como

Menaggio lake Como is an ancient trading center.

Evidence of its past of fortified village are found in the remains of its famous medieval castle.

In the historic center, the parish of St. Stephen, the fountain of the Savior and St. Charles Church.

The beautiful walk along the lake is lined with arcaded houses, parks and gardens of villas and hotels.

This is also where the miniature golf courses, a beach with swimming pool and the possibility of access to the beach, rent kayaks and boats.

Inland there are many starting points for nature walks : the Park Val Sanagra, Rifugio Menaggio and Monte Grona, the cycle path of the old railway Porlezza-Menaggio, the Alpine Chapel with the trenches of Cadorna Line .

A trip to the Lake Piano: Bene Lario and Grona

Near the lake Piano Porlezza…
We arrive in few time at the village of Bene Lario.

During the winter season, observing this village covered with snow from the main road Menaggio-Porlezza, we seem to see a nativity scene.

Here, how many references to the past: the old town has been recovered, fountains, churches, chapels, cultivated terraces.
Nearby is the village of Grona.

The two countries have remained isolated for a long time and have a common history of agriculture, cattle breeding and silk worm farming and emigrated to South America.

The construction of the railway Menaggio Porlezza, which had a stop nearby

Varenna Lake Como

Approaching by boat to Varenna Lake Como have a spectacular view of the whole of the pastel colored houses that are reflected in the water lake.

Varenna is an ancient town of Celtic origin, a long with fortified walls. It features the picturesque walk suspended over the lake and the prestigious historic villas which are used now as hotel and conference center, Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero.

Renowned tourist destination of Lake Como has been compared more times to the countries on the Amalfi Coast.

The Castello di Vezio dominates from its rocky outcrop with its defensive walls and the keep-shaped square.

Bellano Lake Como, Andrea Vitali and the Orrido

A market day in Bellano lake Como, on Thursday, it is a good opportunity for a boat trip.

Out of the boat you are caught with a vibrant air of little marina, then you visit the alleys described in the novels of Andrea Vitali until you reach the gorge, the waterfall feature of Bellano Lake Como

The austere beauty and vigorous passage of the waters of the river Pioverna in this natural gorge leave tourists spellbound.

Bellano is known for its industrial tradition which developed using the stream energy
In the nineteenth century were born some manufactoring factories such as Setificio Gavazzi, the mill Badossi and the cotton mill Cantoni.

Worth seeing is also the Church of San Nazario and Celso, the parish of Bellano, built by the Masters of Como in 1300.

Don’t miss “La Pesa Vegia” of 5 January a demonstration in traditional costume!

Bellagio on Lake Como

Bellagio lake Como is one of the boats trips more required by the guests of Residence Celeste.

Bellagio on lake Como is famous all over the world thanks to the Casino in Las Vegas.

Bellagio is situated at the base of the headland that divides Lake Como in the branch of Como and Lake Lecco.

The small streets are run between arches, terraces and balconies full of flowers up to appear at the marina and Punta Spartivento.

Among the narrow streets, in the small shops, you can discover the Como silk and manufactured objects of glass.

The elegant long lake connects the famous Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni to the gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril.

Pescallo, San Giovanni and Loppia are the villages with ancient houses of fishermen.

Don’t miss an excursion to discover fairytale villages and have shopping in the centre.

Tremezzo Lake Como, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Saturday, September 13th the Feast of the village every year back to Tremezzo Lake Como with a rich program of events and tastings.

You can just walk around and discover the ancient villages with their narrow streets, the church with the statue of the Madonna Nera from Einsiedeln in Rogaro, the medieval tower, the seventh century palaces, the park on the shores of the lake, arts and craft market prepared along the lake.

It will also be interesting to attend the screening of two videos dedicated to Tremezzo and Lake Como.

Local artists display their works in the alleys and on the steps, why not take home a beautiful cool pictures in memory of your holiday on Lake Como?

For your little ones,  puppet show tells the 8 legends of Lake Como and the juggler entertains the children with tricks and magic balls.

Climb aboard of the old steamboat  “Patria”, it will be really exciting for the older children …

Good dinner suggestions  you can find at the stand of the Pro Loco, or choose a local restaurants menu.

After dinner, you can attend a show folk on the terrace by the lake.

La Festa del Borgo is an opportunity to book your weekend at our holiday apartments on Lake Como.

Take advantage !!!!