Free climbing on Lake Como: the Crag above Lake Lugano

Changing lake, bu t not far from Residence Celeste, there are the crag above Lake Lugano.
Near the village of Cima there is a strong overhanging on Lake Lugano which has a dozen spectacular routes called “the Diamond”.

Near the nature reserve of Valsolda, with access from Val Rezzo above Porlezza there is the Tower of Val Fiorina, sleek monolith of solid limestone.
These are ways suited to those who have a good alpinism and climbing preparation…

As usually if you want to try it we suggest you to use all the necessary climbing protection only in this way you could really enjoy your climbing!

Free climbing on Lake Como: the Crag Moltrasio and Carate Urio

The Crag Moltrasio is the closest to Como, ideal for an evening workout after work.
The holds were built on the walls of an old disused quarry with long shoots up to 35 meters.

A few kilometers away, in Carate Urio there is another crag overlooking the waters of the lake.
It’a long limestone height range between ten and twenty meters.
It presents more than a hundred of various technical effort throws and has the comfort of a flat terrace at the base.

As usually if you want to try it we suggest you to use all the necessary climbing protection!

Free climbing on Lake Como: the Crag Peglio above Gravedona

In the Naro village, reached by the road from Gravedona to Peglio, there is in fact the Crag Peglio, better known with the name of Sasso Pelo.

The cliff faces south and offers more than fifty highly technical shots that suggest the experts of the sport.
The landscape here is truly stunning and is one of the most beautiful of the Alps of Lombardy can in fact admire the Como lake in its full length.

The streets are all worthy and have curious names such as “Bella Belluno”, “Heartbreack”, “Females in Cage” …..
As usual, if you want to enjoy your hike you should use the right equipment!

Free climbing on Lake Como: the crag Menaggio-Nobiallo

Along the “Antica Via Regina” we have the possibility to practice free climbing on Lake Como: the crag Menaggio-Nobiallo.

The crag of Menaggio overlooks the lake, there are about seventy-way with prevalence of easy climbs.
In the recent past it was used for training in view of new alpine ascents.

On the cycling road from the center of Menaggio to Nobiallo there is a crag overlooking the water.
There are thirty equipped shots from the easiest to the most challenging.

What about training with a magnificent view behind you?

If you want to try it we suggest you to use all the necessary climbing protection!

Free climbing on Lake Como: Sasso San Martino

Few minutes far from Residence Celeste there is another possibility to practice free climbing on Lake Como: Sasso San Martino.

Above the village of Griante, at half hour walk, you can reach the Sanctuary of San Martino.

On the wall up to little Church was opened in 1999 the Way of Solar Plates, a climbing exposed five shots with a spectacular view on the lake.

Between Mezzegra and Griante, above the village of Tremezzo, there is the Cave of Viano where there are fiftheen ways with footholds carved; from here there is a great view on the Grigna and the Legnone.

Free climbing Lake Como: Crag of Mezzegra

Just 10 minutes far from Residence Celeste there is a well known rock gym for free climbing Lake Como: known as Crag of Mezzegra.

The Crag of Mezzegra is above the homonym village, it is a long diagonal band encircling the slopes of Mount of Tremezzo.

In about 30 minutes you can reach the wall through the path that arrives directly to the waterfall, almost always dry.

You arrive in front of a vertical limestone wall similar to organ pipes, with different ways of more shots.

The nailing of these pathways was realized in the nineties and later enlarged around 2008.

Free climbing Lake Como

Free climbing Lake Como, following some suggestions.

Free climbing, to practice this sport you don’t need only a passion, it takes good workouts and often the support of a guide with experience.

On the territory of Lake Como there are climbing walls for practice at all levels.

It ‘s possible to climb with view of Lake Como on vertical walls or ending ledges to observe some cave.

Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport; those who practice it do so at their own risk, so it is important to use the right equipment and verify on the spot the walls before venturing.

Play Golf on Lake Como and surroundings

Play golf on Lake Como and surroundings is a unique experience.

It starts from absolute level of the local sports facilities to arrive at the discovery of a territory that shows unexpected surprises at every corner.

After an exciting challenge on the golf course, unlimited opportunities to discover the nature, arts and the good food await the golfer outside the golf course.

This world of health and fun awaits the experienced and the beginners ones on beautiful green in splendid settings.

Have a look at the golf courses that we indicate below …..

Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club
Monticello Golf Club
Lanzo Golf Club
Carimate Golf Club
Villa D’Este Golf Club
Acropolis Golf Club
Virginia Country Golf Club
Pinetina Amateur Pol

Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club

On Lake Como late 800 was one of the most popular destinations among elite tourists, mostly Anglo-Saxon. They were mostly industrial and textile traders in ‘intent to recreate the’ English environment, they met January 10, 1907, led by the banker Henry John Mylius to found the Menaggio Cadenabbia golf club. Mylius was the first president.

In 1961 the family Roncoroni bought golf from previous British owners, to 1992, was President Antonio Roncoroni who was the founder of the Italian PGA.

The camp was completely redesigned in 1965 by John Harris. “The English style” still reigns sovereign today on the course and in the club rooms.
Since 1993 President of the Club is Vittorio Roncoroni.

The Menaggio Cadenabbia Golf Club is the second oldest golf course of Italy.

Today’s course has undergone, under the current Presidency some additional changes that have brought to 70 the number of par.

The Pinetina – AS amateur POL

The Pinetina born in 1962 from an idea by Angelo Moratti and includes a beautiful area with villas, the Sports Center, the 18-hole golf course and the area reserved for the Inter football society.

The Sports Centre has a swimming pool, tennis and soccer since 2003 and a Pitch and Putt golf course to offer all sports enthusiasts and nature the possibility to spend pleasant moments of relax in a picturesque experience.

La Pinetina Golf Club is the first golf club in Italy to obtain the European certification of eco-compatible course from the ‘Golf Environment Organization’ (a non profit and non governmental organization the European certification of eco-compatible course.