Easter holidays on Lake Como discover our offer

Imagine your Easter holidays on Lake Como.
While walking in the alleys of the most beautiful villages in Italy or
while you take a boat trip to discover Bellagio and Varenna and …
Especially the beautiful lake Como with the warmth of the early spring sun.

And then you can’t go wrong …
Between lake and mountain in a building built at the end of the 1600s, the Residence Celeste holidays apartments , welcomes us with a breathtaking view.

Going down to the parking area and the pool
we find the undisputed Kingdom of Galli family : The reception , from where we have the first taste of local life and we let ourselves be advised.
First of all, a walk through the alleys of Tremezzo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
By the way, for the more active, a walk to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso UNESCO heritage.
If you want to keep fit, let’s ride the Tremezzina Bike Way
Or let’s enjoy the view along the Green Way of Lake Como
After all this walks why not sit at a table in a bar in one of the many historic villages.

While listening to the lapping of the waves we enjoy a slice of Tremezzina or miascia cake
Let’s not forget a good espresso or cappuccino.
We enjoy this moment of calm and tranquility together with the warm and sparkling air
while we watch the children playing with the stones by the lake.

In this period of the year, time seems to run slower.
Because there is no summer frenzy and there is no high season traffic.
Leaving space for children, for their egg hunt, fairs and amusement parks in various parts of the lake that offer frittelle to young and old.

So here we are on the Angel’s Monday when the traditional egg hunt in the gardens of the famous Villa Carlotta waits for us.
So while the kids are having fun
Finally, adults can enjoy the museum and the colors of the first azaleas and camellias in bloom in the botanical garden.
Another idea to discover the lake if we love cinema is to find the locations of Hollywood and Bollywood films.
007 and Star Wars were shot in fact in the Fai gardens of Villa Balbianello and also other famous films were shot in the streets of Menaggio, Argegno and Como, consequently
To enjoy the best Easter holidays on Lake Como here’s our offer …

Missoltino Food Festival

The traditional Missoltino food festival will take place on 25th and 26th August at the Mezzegra public park, in Tremezzina, at walking distance from our Residence.

The main dish of the festival is polenta with misultin, a typical fishermen dish of Lake Como. You can also enjoy other traditional dishes while listening to live music concerts.

For more information, please check the myLakeComo.co website.

Lake Como San Giovanni Festival

Every year, on the feast of St. John (June 24th), in Ossuccio and Sala Comacina is organised St John Festival.

On Saturday evening, spectacular fireworks show accompanied by music, food and dancing animation, in memory of the historical fire of the island in 1169 AD.

At Sunday morning, Traditional Procession from the parish church to the Comacina Island, in historical costumes and with local historical boats (“Lucie”) and Celebration of religious function in the ruins of the ancient Basilica of St. Euphemia.

You can find the full program on myLakeComo.co website.

Mezzegra Lake Como

On the western shore of the lake there is our small village Mezzegra Lake Como, which is now part like so many former Italian municipalities of a new common Tremezzina.

A little curiosity is that the name Mezzegra comes from Mezz Agra middle ground.

The green of the olive trees, the small streets, the lake, however, deny great stories that see us protagonists in the past of Italian and European history.

The sumptuous and frescoed palaces of the historic center in Bonzanigo (Brentano, Rosati, Abbate, the Bishop’s House) show the success of immigrant families in Europe.
The family of Clemes Brentano German poet and author in the period of Romanticism, comes from here and also the well-known philosopher and psychologist Franz Brentano.
Here, April 28, 1945, was closed an important chapter in Italian history, when Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci were shot at the gate of Villa Belmonte in Giulino.

Wandering through the narrow streets of the village you can find small hidden corners, glimpses of breathtaking, beautiful walks.

From our apartments you can reach in 5 minutes the parish church of St. Abbondio, with a beautiful view of the lake where people from all over the world come to get married.

And walking and walking can also be reached Pola, where lives with his family the well-known singer-songwriter Davide Van De Sfroos, godfather and image of Lake Como for Expo 2015.

Mezzegra with its traditions (such as the Festival of Missoltino) and its people is not a classic tourist destination, as Bellagio or Varenna, but maybe that is what the guests of our apartments are looking for: find the true roots of the country they visit!

Ossuccio Lake Como

Ossuccio Lake Como is now part of a new common, like many other Italian municipalities. Along with Mezzegra, Lenno and Tremezzo, Ossuccio is now part of Tremezzina.
Ossuccio is a country rich in history and tradition located in an area known as “Zoca de l’Oli”, territory reach of olive trees thanks to the Mediterranean and mild climate.
Its origins are linked to the Comacina Island where today you can find archaeological remains and the artists houses in the rationalist style.
Isola Comacina was home to an important church at the beginning of Christianity, fortified by the Byzantines, then defeated by the Lombards.
It became a refuge for kings and dukes with their treasures and during sided war for Milan, who in 1169 took his revenge, occupying the island.
The festival of San Giovanni each year in late June commemorates the battle between Milan and Federico Barbarossa with musical fireworks and a spectacular burning of Isola Comacina.
When you enter in Ossuccio you can stop to admire Gothic tower of the Romanic church of Santa Maria Maddalena, than reach the lake shore to discover the typical corners and visit the Antiquarium.
Few years ago the Romanic church of San Giacomo, with its bell tower dating back to the XI-XII century, was the protagonist of an advertise of a famous brand of coffee.
The Sacred Mountain of Ossuccio Madonna del Soccorso with its chapels dedicated to the mysteries of the Rosary is now UNESCO heritage along with other Sacred Mountain of Piemonte and Lombardia.
The watch tower of Barbarossa now become FAI -Italian Environment Foundation- property.
Monastery of San Benedetto in Val Perlana is a peaceful corner in the nature.
A nice walk between history and nature awaits you in Ossuccio Lake Como !!!

The Lake Como Greenway

Starting from Residence Celeste you can discover the famous Lake Como Greenway an easy hike that connects our small villages on the shores of Lake Como: Colonno, Sala Comacina, Ossuccio, Lenno, Tremezzo and Mezzegra.

The Greenway is a unique opportunity to discover the natural and artistic beauty of the resorts that dot the coast of Lake Como from Argegno in direction north.

Our walkers, with sun or rain, can enjoy the different landscapes, ancient villages, lake views from which they can photograph the Grigne. These mountains sometimes offer you, breathtaking scenery similar to the Dolomites.

Lake and mountain then, to enjoy the daily life of the inhabitants of this strip of land.

To find the path just follow the metal plates with the symbol of the Green Way placed on the road, or the directional signs that are located on the crossroads.

Along the way you can admire religious buildings, archaeology finds, historic villas (Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello, Villa Monastero), rationalist style buildings (in Ossuccio and Comacina Island) ….

Don’t forget to stop at one of the local restaurants that you meet on the Green Way to enjoy a culinary specialty of our land, remember that the lake and the mountains give us unique tastes.

Visit the official website of the Lake Como Greenway and plan your trail!

Funicular Como Brunate

Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the town of Brunate lake Como was accessible only through a mule track connecting it to Como. Then in 1894 a funicular railway was built and contributed greatly to the tourist development of the hilly area thanks to the panorama on Como and the lake that can be admired during the trip.

The funicular has its starting / arriving stations in Piazza A. De Gasperi in Como and in Piazza A. Bonacossa in Brunate.

Along the route there are two stops on request: one in Como Alto and one in Carescione (fraction of Brunate).

Arriving at Brunate, in addition to taking some pictures to the wonderful panorama, you can take a stroll through the country’s streets, between clean air and Liberty style villas.
This is a resort that has been a destination for many exponents of the Lombard nobility.

Val Sanagra Park

Just above Menaggio lies the Val Sanagra Park, a large area rich with flora and fauna where lots of walks can be done.

From Menaggio take the road to Lugano, then, after three bends, take the first right to Loveno. After 500m turn left direction Centro Sportivo, Villa Vigoni. At the church of Loveno turn left and after 300m you can reach Piamuro where you can park the car.

An easy walk, ideal with children, is the one along the river Sanagra. The walk takes about 40 minutes and is quite flat. From Piamuro follow the trail in the direction of Mulino della Valle. Don’t cross the bridge, but follow the path on the right side of the river, past the ancient brick-furnace Galli, to La Chioderia, a trout farm with a typical inn. Apart from the trout that swim around in their basins many other animals live at the farm such as donkeys, sheep, geese, goats and chicken.

The promenade Gandria Lugano

Gandria is the first village near the customs at the border between Italy and Switzerland on the road Porlezza Lugano.
We can leave the car in the parking area on the main road and than walk down by the lake.

The village is closed to traffic so you can enjoy in peace the walk through its narrow streets and steep stairways.
To visit the Church of San Vigilio of 1463 and the Swiss Customs Museum in Cantine di Gandria, “smugglers” museum that recalls the smuggling facts.
From here begins the promenade Gandria Lugano called “Olive Path” that extends between Gandria and Castagnola Lugano for a length of 7 km.

The promenade is through the ancient olive groves and you can walk on the path along the Lake Lugano.
A nice walk with all the family to enjoy by foot or by bicycle in all relax !!!